The purple dot is where you were a few seconds ago, coordinate with it by slowly moving the line to get the orange ball to the golden gem. 

When the orange ball reaches the golden gem, you will progress to the next level and the time between you and your past self will decrease.  


  • Move your mouse to control the line.
  • Spacebar to restart.
  • Esc to go to the menu.
  • Left Click to interact with the menu.
  • Toggle M to mute/unmute the music.


  • If you are stuck on a level, watch the playthrough here to see how to beat it. 
  • If the WebGL version doesn't load, download the windows version.
  • Don't move too fast or the white line will go through the ball. 


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I really like the idea of the purple dot being where you were a few seconds ago because It forces me to make decisions about where I place my mouse every few seconds so that I can move the ball without worrying about whether the line's slope will change.


The white line going through the ball makes it too hard for me.. Amazing game idea though. I feel like you've utilized the "past and present" idea in a really cool way




Really cool idea and smooth gameplay!